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Hornsea Wind Farm consultation


Dong energy are holding community consultation events about the proposed Hornsea offshore wind farm and potential  cable routes across Broadland.

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Groundforce Day #3

wp_20161022_12_57_59_proGroundforce Day #3 was on the morning of 22nd October (aka the Great Haveringland Rake-off). This was definitely harder going than our previous efforts; several days of rain meant even modest piles of grass weighed a ton. But undaunted, Brian Canavan and Mary Beatty joined us and the job was tackled systematically so that eventually the whole area was cleared. This will reduce the vigour of the grasses and hopefully see even more wild flowers establish in coming years.

The front section alongwith other areas of tended graves and paths through the  proposed meadow habitats were given a closer mowing and will not only look tidy for the winter, but will start to reveal the areas to be regularly mown during the growing season.  Alongside this, Mary spent her morning raking up a huge amount of dead fir leaves and branches from under the trees which form the southern boundary inside the wall. This was used as a mulch to cover and hopefully kill off the weeds the other side of the wall.


Although there is plenty which could still be done, this should see it through to the spring when new growth returns. Dates for working parties will be advertised in the magazine as well as on this site or on posters around the parish. If you would like to be on our Friends email contact list, drop a note to

Thank you to  everyone who has given up their time- some of whom  don’t even live in Haveringland –  to make such a difference at St. Peter’s. Whether you came once or every Saturday, to borrow a well known phrase,  “every little helps!”  There have been many favourable comments from visitors both regular and casual who appreciate what has been achieved.

wp_20161022_12_58_10_proWhy not join us for a warm welcome at the Christmas event “Follow the Star” on Thursday 15th December, when there will be lots of stargazing- related activities, a short carol service and refreshments- including mulled wine, mince pies and hot dogs. It kicks off at 6pm.

Deborah and Nigel Boldero

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The Great Haveringland Rake Off

wp_20160911_15_33_33_proThanks to Brian, Dave and Deborah for their help on yesterday’s Groundforce Day, where we  made more progress on the churchyard. We managed to cut away most of the ivy from the western wall and mowed about three quarters of the grass.

Unfortunately we didn’t quite do all we needed to so I’m hoping to have another session this coming Saturday (22nd) between 9am and 1pm. Anyone who can come along and help finish off the ‘must do’s’ before winter is upon us would be very welcome. We need to complete mowing and raking off the grass, and if we have time and enough people, we could make further progress on removing ivy and weeds from around the church walls.

So, if you can come along and spare us an hour or more of your time next Saturday morning (weather permitting), that would be a great help! (anything longer than an hour and you’ll be eligible for a ’Rake Off’ cake!)

Nigel Boldero


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Haveringland Groundforce Day #2

WP_20160903_15_26_20_ProSorry if you turned up on Saturday to help in the churchyard and found nobody around. It was raining steadily at 8.30am and the forecast wasn’t too promising, so I decided to postpone for a week. Thanks to those who did turn up , and, I gather did some useful work!


Well, if you can make this Saturday (15th) between 9am and 1pm, we’d love to see you. Tools and refreshments provided.

We’ll concentrate on cutting the grass and raking off the cuttings  and have another go at the clearing of ivy from the churchyard walls and weeding around the church walls.

Thanks to Graham Payne for burning the large pile of tree and other cuttings from our first effort a few weeks ago.


Dates for your diary, apart from the above:

20th October 2016- 7.30pm at the Vicarage Ames Court, Cawston- planning meeting for anyone interested in helping to work out the details of our next event and some  initial discussion of next year’s programme.

15th December 2016- 6.30pm at St. Peter’s church- ‘Follow the Star’- stargazing in the churchyard, children’s activities, a talk about the bible and astronomy,  family carol service, refreshments.

29th January 2017 – 10.30am Oulton Parish church- group service followed by a chance to talk to Oulton about their experiences and ideas for improving and developing their church.