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Haveringland Parish Meeting

The draft minutes of the Parish Meeting held on 29th September 2016 are now available: hpm-draft-minutes-29sept16


2 thoughts on “Haveringland Parish Meeting

  1. Hi I live in a lodge on haveringland hall park ,we are just a working family who bring trade and custom to the nearing villages .dispite being here four years the parish have done there best to oppose all permissions for me to stay here .well I finally got the permission to stay here hopefully I will be welcome in the parish now and not frowned upon . I love village life my grandad used to keep the pub opposite the airfield at cawston street so I have long family ties in the area properly more longer then some of the parish .yours hopefully Paul cooper


    1. Hi Paul,
      Thankyou for your comment. I assume from what you say that you live in one of the lodges that are designated for holiday use at the Park. The Parish Meeting objections to the developments were based on, among other things, the fact that several of the holiday lodges are being occupied for permanent residence, when in fact they were designed and granted permission for shorter, holiday stays. The Parish has been concerned at the creeping expansion of the site for residen tial purposes when there has been a history of poor on site service provision as well as a lack of easy access to other services in the wider area. In taking this position the Parish has not commented on or been critical of any individuals; we are not sure of individual circumstances or the process that was gone through in the sale and subsequent use of the holiday lodges. All we know is that several are being used in contravention of the planning permission originally granted. The latest permission is clear that when these lodges are sold that they will revert to holiday use and we expect the Council to monitor and uphold this. In the mean time, any residents of the Parish – including those who have permission to live permanently in some of the holiday lodges – are welcome to attend Parish Meetings and other events as residents of the area, so I hope that we will see you at future meetings. The next one, as you can see on the minutes of the last meeting, is due to be held in Cawston Bowls club at 7.30pm on 23rd March 2017. best wishes, Nigel Boldero, Chair of the Parish Meeting


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