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The Great Haveringland Rake Off

wp_20160911_15_33_33_proThanks to Brian, Dave and Deborah for their help on yesterday’s Groundforce Day, where we  made more progress on the churchyard. We managed to cut away most of the ivy from the western wall and mowed about three quarters of the grass.

Unfortunately we didn’t quite do all we needed to so I’m hoping to have another session this coming Saturday (22nd) between 9am and 1pm. Anyone who can come along and help finish off the ‘must do’s’ before winter is upon us would be very welcome. We need to complete mowing and raking off the grass, and if we have time and enough people, we could make further progress on removing ivy and weeds from around the church walls.

So, if you can come along and spare us an hour or more of your time next Saturday morning (weather permitting), that would be a great help! (anything longer than an hour and you’ll be eligible for a ’Rake Off’ cake!)

Nigel Boldero



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