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The Spring Clean continues

Once again, the parish has been visited by “The Flying Squad” of cleaners,this time at St Peter’s Church.

For the second time within 3 days, parishioners have been giving their time to make a difference. On this occasion, it was the Church which had a deep clean… and the churchyard had its first grass cut of the year. You might recall the plan to create a conservation area here, so much of the churchyard is being left to grow naturally until the autumn. But we also need access, so paths were cut and areas where graves are still being tended cut close, too.

Although the church is not in frequent use, during the winter months, dead flies and bat droppings cover the window sills and pews and need to be removed. After 20 hours of work, it was agreed they HAD made a difference, both inside and out and St Peter’s was ready to open for business at the end of the month.

If you have never been inside, [it is kept locked at present for security reasons], why not take a peek on April 23rd at 2:30 and join “All Creatures Great and Small” the first ‘Pet blessing’ service. It is an opportunity to show off your “best friend” (bring a picture of those departed or unable to be brought along), and meet with others to give thanks for the wonders of nature. There will be a parade of pets, a raffle, refreshments and stalls –  a fun afternoon for everyone!






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