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Heritage Open Days- 1000 years of People Power in Haveringland

St. Peter’s Church, Haveringland
Sunday 15th September 1pm-4pm
Saturday 21st September 1pm-4pm
Sunday 22nd September 1pm-4pm including Harvest Festival at 3pm

How about visiting the oldest round tower church in Norfolk set amidst fields of ponies? Over 3 days we’ll be charting the history of our village with its historic church, Hall and RAF Airfield….but most importantly it’s about people power.

An RAF Mosquito parked outside the church in WW2- note the camouflage netting on the church tower
William of Norwich- from the screen in Eye Church

Backed up with displays about the village’s past, the focus will be on the people who made Haveringland’s heritage. The Church will be packed full of ‘People Profiles’– some of the famous, and not so famous, individuals who have connections with this bit of Broadland:

  • What have Henry VIII and Winston Churchill got to do with Haveringland?
  • Who was the controversial ‘saint’ said to be born and baptized here?
  • What did the Postmistress do in Victorian times?
  • Who was the airman who turned to God?
  • Who was the Norfolk poet who was a regular preacher in this church?
  • And what about the man who was behind Haveringland’s own sports car factory?

As well as a wealth of pictures and valuable information we’ll have props to help you travel back in time and imagine yourself as a servant at our own ‘Downton Abbey’.

You can also hear the stories of people who lived through WW2 in Haveringland (you can watch a short film of them being interviewed here

Kathleen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards (who features in the film), will be here on 21st September to answer your questions about her experience of living at Haveringland in the war, including the RAF dances at Haveringland Hall.

Eileen Oakes

We also hope that Eileen Oakes (also featured in the film), might be able to join us at some point, to tell you about working at Haveringland Hall before the war as well as her wartime experiences.

Do you like my Crown?

Children can:

  • Sow their own takeaway pot of Broad Beans under the watchful eye of an 18th century gardener
  • Follow a ‘People Power Trail’ in the churchyard to find out about some of Haveringland’s past stars
  • Hunt for ‘harvest mice’ in the church and get their help to spell out a secret message
  • Heritage Open Days castles to colour in, record their special discoveries and turn them into colourful hats….with stickers and other rewards!

And, while you grab some light refreshments, why not take a look at our video about the developing programme of events and activities and a display about our plans for improvements to this pioneering ‘Festival Church’?

The last of our days will be topped off with our annual Harvest Festival (3pm on 22nd September) where we hope to be accompanied by a local Brass Band.

Planning your visit

The Church is located off Norwich Road, Haveringland NR10 4PW, approximately ten miles north west of Norwich and seven miles south west of Aylsham.

We have ample parking close to the Church, and there’s an even closer drop off at the churchyard gate if you need it. The Church has a couple of steps at the entrance. We have a portaloo which is not accessible for wheelchair users.

For more information contact Nigel Boldero: Mobile: 07503 881199 Email: