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St. Peter’s News

It’s going to be a busy few weeks at the Church and I hope that you can join us- or even help us….

wp_20160911_15_37_25_proHarvest Festival Sunday 10th September 3pm-5pm

Building on the success of last year we hope to have a good display of vintage tractors, childrens’ activities, refreshments and music by the Aylsham Band. The day before (Saturday 9th, 9.30am onwards) we will be giving the church a good clean and tidying up the paths around the church yard, so if you can come along to help that would be great!

2e, 20 May 17Haveringland Groundforce Days 2017

It’s that time of year again when we need to cut back the churchyard ‘meadow’ and rake off the cuttings. We will also be trying to finish off the weeding around the church walls and, excitingly, planting an avenue of trees up the track to the church! To help with this the organisation running the Community Payback Scheme is bringing along a working party to work alongside the community; on the weekends of 7th-8th and 14th-15th October; any help you can give would be much appreciated; we shall probably be on site from about 9.30am each day. Even if you can only manage an hour or two, that would be really great; especially if you can bring along a strimmer or other suitable tools! Cake and other refreshments will be provided!

WP_20170423_15_45_41_ProRemembrance Weekend

Detailed planning for this weekend is well underway and we think we can promise you a really special time. Remembrance Day itself (Saturday 11th November) will feature a Service including a minutes silence, sounding of the last post, wreath laying, band music, a fly past of vintage aircraft and a supporting display about the local airfield; to help commemorate 70 years since its close.

Known officially as RAF Swannington, it was known locally as RAF Haveringland and in fact has most of its area within Brandiston! The church will be open from 9.30am all weekend to enable visitors to view the wonderful research that ex RAF and local resident, Mike Hillier has put together. We already have confirmation that many relatives of former service personnel based here and representatives of many service and other public bodies will be attending, so expect to see lots of uniforms! We are expecting a wonderful turn out from across the country as we try to tell the personal stories of the brave people who were based here- many making the ultimate sacrifice- and the fascinating secret missions that were flown from here, most importantly using the ‘wooden wonder’ -the Mosquito fighter bomber.

So, as you can see..a lot for you to get involved with…

Also, you might like to know that the group that has been coordinating the work on these events and activities is being transformed into the Church Action Group’. In its new role it will not only continue to plan and organise services and events, but will spearhead a new Church Improvement Project, to help raise the level of comfort and facilities that St. Peter’s provides. Residents of the parish will have an opportunity to discuss what the church might offer as part of the forthcoming Parish Meeting (7.30pm September 28th at Cawston Bowls Club).

If you’d like to be involved in the new Church Action Group, please let me know; we need all the help we can get, however small.

 I look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks; please get back to me if you think you can help on any of the above.


Nigel Boldero (email:

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Groundforce Day…

The weather was perfect for the latest effort to get the churchyard into good fettle. Having cut the grass a few days before, just before the rain, last Saturday saw half a dozen keen gardeners tackling the overgrown drainage channels surrounding the church walls. These are designed to keep water away from the walls and so reduce rising damp, but over the years the channels of cobbles have become over grown with grass and weeds- and the stones just under the surface make for a difficult  mowing experience!

Well we managed to get about half of the walls cleared of growth, and in due course we’ll need to remove the soil from amongst the stones, but for now that can wait, so hopefully we cna finish the job in the autumn, when it will also be time for the next ‘Haveringland Rake Off’ which hopefully will once again see a large group turning out, especially with the promise of more cake!

The Rogation Service held the following day was  a lovely event with the congregation giving thanks for all things natural, and especially seeds sown at this time of year. We even held part of the service in the open air, where we spent a few moments appreciating the beautiful place we live in…the barley starting to push up, the buzzards screeching over head, trees coming into leaf and the churchyard starting to resemble a managed conservation area. It was also great seeing some people new to the church, including a couple from Stratton Strawless who had heard about the event via ‘Nextdoor’.


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Reggie’s Beans

IMG-20170516-WA0002I couldn’t resist sharing this wonderful picture of our friends’ son Reggie. Last Harvest time he came along to see me on my stall at the Harvest Festival event at St. Peter’s, where children (and adults) could sow a Broad Bean seed to take home in a pot, nurture on the windowsill and plant out in late autumn…here’s the result! (I must say it’s rather more impressive than my own efforts). Well done Reggie!

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All Creatures Great and Small…

Woofs of delight were heard at the first ‘Pet Blessing’ Service  held on St. George’s Day at St. Peter’s Church. Pets from the parish and beyond came to join in the hymns and make friends…so did their owners!

A good turnout was able to appreciate the newly cleaned church and tidied churchyard, enter a raffle for some pet related prizes and have a nice piece (or two) of cake and tea. The day was cold, in fact it seemed colder inside than out, but this didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of all involved.

We had pet and animal related readings and prayers, suitable hymns (‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ was a shoe- in for starters), and some very interesting contributiions from the RSPCA and Pets as Therapy, who brought along a few of their suitably trained dogs, that play such an important role with people who might otherwise lose connections with the world around them. There was even a pet parade and rosettes awarded for the best turned out pets (and owners). All in all a very satsifactory outcome for our first try at something a little different!Thanks to Ken’s Corn Stores, Tesco Aylsham and Pets at Home, Longwater, for their kind donations and sponsorship.

The next service, rather more traditional, will be Rogation Sunday, 21st May, and hopefully, if anyone out there is up for it, a further day of churchyard weeding the day before…watch this space.

After the Service there was a meeting about setting up a new Parochial Church Council for the church and as well as several people wishing to join the Parish Register, five volunteers were duly agreed as the core of the new P.C.C. It’s first meeting will hopefully be soon.

Talking of meetings, if you’re interested in helping to plan and organise events at the Church, please come along to the next planning meeting on May 9th at 7.30pm, to be held at the Old School, School Road, Haveringland.

Nigel Boldero

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The Spring Clean continues

Once again, the parish has been visited by “The Flying Squad” of cleaners,this time at St Peter’s Church.

For the second time within 3 days, parishioners have been giving their time to make a difference. On this occasion, it was the Church which had a deep clean… and the churchyard had its first grass cut of the year. You might recall the plan to create a conservation area here, so much of the churchyard is being left to grow naturally until the autumn. But we also need access, so paths were cut and areas where graves are still being tended cut close, too.

Although the church is not in frequent use, during the winter months, dead flies and bat droppings cover the window sills and pews and need to be removed. After 20 hours of work, it was agreed they HAD made a difference, both inside and out and St Peter’s was ready to open for business at the end of the month.

If you have never been inside, [it is kept locked at present for security reasons], why not take a peek on April 23rd at 2:30 and join “All Creatures Great and Small” the first ‘Pet blessing’ service. It is an opportunity to show off your “best friend” (bring a picture of those departed or unable to be brought along), and meet with others to give thanks for the wonders of nature. There will be a parade of pets, a raffle, refreshments and stalls –  a fun afternoon for everyone!





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Follow the Star

1741334f4437e713f17e8e16ce5d17e4A candlelit path will welcome you to the magical church of St. Peter’s next week. On Thursday, 15th December, commencing at 6pm the church is hosting a ‘Follow the Star’ event. 

You can jump straight into star gazing (weather permitting) and there will be a range of childrens’ activities, seasonal refreshments and a short service including insights into some astronomical wonders delivered by our local expert, Rebecca Whitehead.

And to extend the ‘star’ theme further we’ve come up with a candlelit ‘Graveyard Trail’ that will get you to ‘unearth’ (not literally) some of Haveringland’s former stars! A series of graves will be illuminated, but even so, it’s probably a good idea to bring a torch.

Image result for star imagesA small band of ‘Friends’ are planning to clean the church tomorrow from 9am, so if you can lend a hand with that, brilliant. If you can help with stewarding, manning children’s activities, refreshments or in some other ways on the night that would be great, just let me know as soon as possible, please.

This promises to be a fascinating evening– with or without clear skies!

If you can’t make this event, may I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas and New Year…maybe we’ll see you at the meeting to firm up next year’s programme on Thursday 16th February commencing at 7.30pm. This is being held at The Old School, Haveringland. I hope you might be able to come along and give us your thoughts; so if you can and it is of interest, please put it in the diary.

 Nigel Boldero (email


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Groundforce Day #3

wp_20161022_12_57_59_proGroundforce Day #3 was on the morning of 22nd October (aka the Great Haveringland Rake-off). This was definitely harder going than our previous efforts; several days of rain meant even modest piles of grass weighed a ton. But undaunted, Brian Canavan and Mary Beatty joined us and the job was tackled systematically so that eventually the whole area was cleared. This will reduce the vigour of the grasses and hopefully see even more wild flowers establish in coming years.

The front section alongwith other areas of tended graves and paths through the  proposed meadow habitats were given a closer mowing and will not only look tidy for the winter, but will start to reveal the areas to be regularly mown during the growing season.  Alongside this, Mary spent her morning raking up a huge amount of dead fir leaves and branches from under the trees which form the southern boundary inside the wall. This was used as a mulch to cover and hopefully kill off the weeds the other side of the wall.


Although there is plenty which could still be done, this should see it through to the spring when new growth returns. Dates for working parties will be advertised in the magazine as well as on this site or on posters around the parish. If you would like to be on our Friends email contact list, drop a note to

Thank you to  everyone who has given up their time- some of whom  don’t even live in Haveringland –  to make such a difference at St. Peter’s. Whether you came once or every Saturday, to borrow a well known phrase,  “every little helps!”  There have been many favourable comments from visitors both regular and casual who appreciate what has been achieved.

wp_20161022_12_58_10_proWhy not join us for a warm welcome at the Christmas event “Follow the Star” on Thursday 15th December, when there will be lots of stargazing- related activities, a short carol service and refreshments- including mulled wine, mince pies and hot dogs. It kicks off at 6pm.

Deborah and Nigel Boldero

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The Great Haveringland Rake Off

wp_20160911_15_33_33_proThanks to Brian, Dave and Deborah for their help on yesterday’s Groundforce Day, where we  made more progress on the churchyard. We managed to cut away most of the ivy from the western wall and mowed about three quarters of the grass.

Unfortunately we didn’t quite do all we needed to so I’m hoping to have another session this coming Saturday (22nd) between 9am and 1pm. Anyone who can come along and help finish off the ‘must do’s’ before winter is upon us would be very welcome. We need to complete mowing and raking off the grass, and if we have time and enough people, we could make further progress on removing ivy and weeds from around the church walls.

So, if you can come along and spare us an hour or more of your time next Saturday morning (weather permitting), that would be a great help! (anything longer than an hour and you’ll be eligible for a ’Rake Off’ cake!)

Nigel Boldero