Haveringland Parish Meeting

Haveringland Parish Meeting

Welcome to the Haveringland Parish Meeting page. We are an independent group which serves the interests of everyone who lives in the village of Haveringland in Norfolk.

Haveringland Parish Meeting meets twice a year, usually in April and October. All villagers are welcome to attend and contribute to meetings.

The Parish Meeting chair, vice-chair and parish clerk plus a small planning group are all elected residents of the village and represent the village on various matters. Elections are held during the Annual Parish Meeting held in April.

Haveringland Parish Meeting is effectively the third tier of local government, the other two being Norfolk County Council and Broadland District Council.

Minutes of Parish Meetings are available to read on this site approximately two weeks after each Parish Meeting. They are published in draft format and approved at the next meeting. The final version is published once approved. Most documents are in PDF format so should open and be viewable within your web browser. For copies of older minutes (prior to 2015) please contact the clerk.

Agendas are published at least two weeks before a Meeting. A copy is also displayed on the village noticeboard opposite the village green.

An update of accounts is presented at Parish Meetings and is minuted.  Accounts are are audited internally and externally every year. Financial documents are available below.

Haveringland Parish Meetings – minutes and agendas  

Haveringland Parish Meetings 2018

Haveringland Parish Meeting Agenda 27th September 2018

Haveringland Parish Meeting draft Minutes 27th September 2018

Haveringland Police Report 01-04-18 to 31-08-18

HHCP- Chair’s statement to the Parish Meeting 27th September 2018

Hillside Animal Sanctuary annual vet report 2017

Haveringland Parish Meeting Agenda for extraordinary meeting 12th May 2018

Haveringland Parish Meeting Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting  12th May 2018

Haveringland Parish Meeting Agenda 5th April 2018

Haveringland Parish Meeting Minutes  5th April 2018

Haveringland Parish Meetings 2017

Haveringland Parish Meeting Agenda 28th September 2017

Haveringland Parish Meeting Minutes 28th September 2017

St. Peter’s Church Haveringland Community Needs 28th September 2017

Haveringland Parish Meeting Minutes 23rd March 2017

Haveringland Parish Meeting Agenda 23rd March 2017

Haveringland Parish Meetings 2016

Haveringland Parish Meeting Minutes 21st April 2016 

Haveringland Parish Meeting Minutes 29th September  2016

Financial documents for Haveringland Parish Meeting

HPM risk assessment statement 2018

Finance 2017 – 2018

HPM exercise of public rights 2017-18

HPM summary of public rights 2017-18

HPM AGAR 2 2017-18 Certificate of Exemption

HPM AGAR 2 2017-18 Internal Audit

HPM AGAR 2017-18 Annual Governance Statement

HPM AGAR 2017-18 Accounting Statements

HPM explanation of variances 2017-18

HPM bank reconciliation 2017-18

Finance 2016-2017

HPM right to inspect 2016-17

HPM accounting statements 2016-17

HPM annual governance statement 2016-17

HPM annual internal audit report 2016-17

HPM annual external audit report 2016-17

HPM bank reconciliation 2016-17

HPM cash book 2016-17

HPM Conclusion of audit 2016-17