Silence at the church in the fields

As you can see in the poster below, Haveringland Church, often surrounded by rescued horses grazing in fields, is an oasis of silence. This beautiful churchyard is open every day for quiet contemplation. St. Peter’s is an ideal place to enjoy a moment’s peace.

Reflection in Haveringland churchyard

Silence is at the core of religious practice in all spiritual traditions. It has also become more popular in the secular world, in the form of meditation and mindfulness. Our popular shared silences on summer evenings at Haveringland are inspired by the quarterly silences at Norwich Cathedral

Like them, we start and end the silence with a short piece of music. We invite people to sit in the church or sit or walk in the churchyard. Almost everyone chooses to sit in the churchyard, on chairs placed around the church or on picnic blankets.  After the silence, we return to the church for refreshments and a chat. Some people stay to watch the sunset.

Compline with silence

hpc compline with silence

In October 2019 we held our first Sung Compline which included twenty minutes of silence instead of spoken prayers. The church feels very different at night. Of course, it’s silent there every night but this time was special for those of us who love the church building, together, with the darkness and the light of the candles, with time to absorb the peace after listening to the beautiful cadences of the compline sung at night in our church.

Here’s a link to some more  Compline photos 2019

You can find out more about Haveringland Silence 2019 events are or watch short videos about past Haveringland Silence events or Compline with Silence 

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We are planning Haveringland day retreats, incorporating shared silence. Further information will be posted here soon.

If you have attended one of our silence events, please let us know your thoughts about how you would like to experience silences at our special church.