The churchyard at St. Peter’s Church

Surrounded by countryside, we are very proud of the peace and tranquility of our special church in the fields.

Our churchyard is so much more than a garden. It is a burial ground, a place of quiet reflection, a habitat for plant and animal species, as well as being the setting for our church building.

We ask that you respect this peaceful environment.

If you wish to leave floral tributes, please use only natural materials and remove all plastic wrappings. Please do not leave windmills, lights, toys or anything else which may be hazardous to wildlife.  You can read a copy of our Churchyard regulations here.

We have been working with Norfolk Wildlife Trust to create and maintain our churchyard as a habitat for wildlife. Here is  a copy of our  Churchyard management plan 

In 2018 we were very proud to receive a “Community Biodiversity”  award from Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership for our churchyard. We would like to thank everyone from the Community Payback Teams who helped us.